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Providence Healthcare

Patient Relations

Do you have a compliment, concern or suggestion? At Providence, we welcome your feedback!

Your compliments and concerns help us to better understand your experience in order to improve the services we offer. The following are ways to provide your feedback to us:

  • Speak directly with your team or Manager
  • Fill out a Patient Feedback Form (paper copies available throughout Providence Hospital)
  • Complete our Satisfaction Survey (provided at the end of your service)
  • Complete our online form

You may also contact our Patient Relations team anytime – we are here to support you through your experience at Providence. Reach our Patient Relations by phone at 416-285-3666 x4555 or email

Our Feedback Process – How it Works

We use your feedback, both compliments and concerns, to help identify quality improvement opportunities. Should you inform us of a concern or complaint about the services you received at Providence, we promise you that:

  • We will acknowledge receipt of your concern/complaint within 5 business days
  • If your concern cannot be resolved within 24 hours, we will contact you to clarify the details of your concern and the impact it has had on your experience at Providence
  • We will ask for your ideas or suggestions about how we can do better
  • Staff will work to identify all factors that might have contributed to your experience as well as any potential change ideas for improvement
  • Our Patient Relations Delegate will inform you of any quality improvement plans resulting from your feedback

In addition, we track, analyze and report all feedback to Providence's Safety and Quality Committee twice a year to ensure transparency.

Our Satisfaction Results

All patients receiving services from Providence are invited to complete our Satisfaction Survey towards the end of their stay. Similarly, residents in the Houses of Providence and families of clients attending our Adult Day Program have the opportunity to complete a Satisfaction Survey on an annual basis.

We ask all our patients, residents and families of clients this one question: "Would you recommend Providence to your friends and/or family?”

Here are our most recent results:

  • Providence Hospital - 95% (for 2015-2016 fiscal)
  • Houses of Providence - 94% (for 2015)
  • Adult Day Program – 97% agreed (2014)